Buddhist and vegetarian Reggae

We are a "roots reggae" band, and we take those good vibrations Bob Marley talked about
to make the spirit and body feel good really seriously.

Our text talks about choices and values but it’s the sound of our records that mostly that talk about us.
In particular our last album Libertà is recorded with the best Jamaican soloists.
Since '96 we have been in Europe, Jamaica and Tibet; it is not strange for those who grew up close to Barma Grande, the prehistoric cave, the cradle of the human race.

In a place like this, you are accompanied since childhood with deep spiritual questions:
if man has really evolved: what is the right relationship with nature; what really makes us humans happy.
We are certainly happy when we celebrate, and our concerts are shared joy with no limits between body and spirit, between musicians and audience.

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Listen, download, dance “Libertà”.

Go ahead and happilly scrounge "Libertà” on your MP3 or the entire album album. They are distributed with license by Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 Italy.

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The most important thing you won’t be able to download is our presence, in the flesh and blood. You can only find that at our concerts, where our bodies sing and play to the same rhythm that we bet will get you off your seats.

Every concert is a feast where we try to always invite European and Jamaican artists: When we improvise there is more fun for us and for you.

Those who want to host one of these concerts write an e-mail.