The spirit of  Barma Grande has always been to let any sort of musician into the great cavern, coming from different musical styles, at the same time maintaining the main style which is reggae roots.
For this reason different artists have followed one another, and they have collaborated in the concerts and in the recordings.

If you expect vegetarians to be boring and predictable, here we are ready to prove you wrong.  And we will surprise you because, in order to do reggae from its origins, we have no dread and we don’t smoke weed, we are looking for deep awareness.

Our quest for spiritual identity is sound, it goes through great musicians with whom we play with, Jamaican and not. Lots of good musicians are needed every time to party and to improvise: even a small concert has to be a unique event.

We were born in Latte, at the border between Italy and France in ‘96. The founders are Emma Lercari and the brothers Sandro and Marco Donda.
We sing in Italian, English, French and Ligurian.

We have produced four CDs on our own, a single, a fifth CD was coproduced with Stephen Stewart, different compilations distributed nationally; numerous participations to events and festivals all over Italy and in France.