Who we are


I spent my childhood in Turin where I was born in ’74, and then I moved to Bra, near the well-known music shop Merula. At 15, I rented my first bass guitar and started singing. I used to play the guitar in different rock bands, participating to competitions and doing self-studying.

When I arrived at Latte, in Ventimiglia”, I continued to study, to play with some cover bands and with a Brazilian singer Nelson da Silva.

I worked in a cover roots reggae band and together with Marco and Emma went around a lot. That’s where I got my passion for reggae that brought me to put the group Barmagrande together so it was finally possible for me to dedicate myself to composing. The first record is from 1999. Since then, I have continued doing concerts around Italy, bringing our music to the squares, feasts and clubs.

I write songs, I sing and play the guitar or the bass guitar. I am in charge of studio recordings and the graphic section of our records. With my guitar Lucille I compose the most of the songs.

Besides reggae I like soul, blues and African music.


I was born in Ventimiglia in ’65, and was lucky to have studied at the conservatory since I was young, first near Mentone, where I got a Diplôme de Fin d’Études in classical piano, then I continued my studies at the conservatory of Nice and achieved “Premier Prix” in piano jazz.

I worked at the Nice conservatory as a piano accompanist for 6 years; I taught in music schools and also privately, but don’t do it anymore for lack of time.

My music experience is varied; I started playing in jazz groups, then cover and reggae bands. Since ’96 I have started studying reggae music, my favourite, with Barmagrande.

I like to use vintage and analogues sounds, the piano, the hammond organ, the rhodes with the wha-wha and the accordion.

I write the music, the words and I sing. I try to convey to songs all that makes me feel good, all that I learn from books and from life experience.

I listen to all types of music, but I avoid sad music, because I have an innate allergy to sadness and to depression.


I was born in Turin in ’79. I started studying drums in Bra and continued to do so with Professor Alain Rouard from Nice even after I moved to Latte.

I played in the French Riviera Clubs, in rocks and blues band; with Oxyura, a cover reggae group, pieces of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Gladiators, and Culture etc; with the Brazilian singer Nelson da Silva.

Besides concerts with Barmagrande I collaborated with a rhythm and blues band “The Jokers” and the “Twisted & Family” reggae band.

Reggae music has always been the music I prefer to listen to and play. The groups I listen to are Foundation of the Jamaican music, which is roots reggae, the first reggae.

Live, I like the natural sound of the instrument without any technological or digital contributions.

Besides the drums I dedicate myself to music composition and arrangements.