Stephen Stewart – Producer, arranger, keyboard player

Steve (the first on the left in the picture) has been important in creating the record because he has participated as sound engineer, producer, keyboard player and arranger.

He’s a very busy person always running around between one project and another. Nevertheless he believed in our project and dedicated double the time we agreed on.

After a day of recording, he proposed that we work for the entire stay in Jamaica, which we gladly accepted. With him it is necessary not to be in a hurry, to respect his time frames and when needed work hard for many hours. Every day we used to go to the Studio around one in the afternoon and came out after midnight.

Steve is a very busy person: besides the recordings at Harry J, he organizes concerts and contests for young people, he holds lessons in sound engineering, and in addition he has worked as keyboard player in the group of Burning Spear and Toots. Now he prefers to look after his own studio and mostly works in Jamaica.

Recently, together with other famous names, he has joined a committee for the safeguard of culture and Jamaican music and works for a network.

Many artists call on him for curiosity sake and to see what he’s up to with his new works. Every day with Steve we had the opportunity to engage in long conversations where he would share his experience with us, telling us what was happening in Jamaica in that period or he would ask us our point of view on a variety of subjects ranging from nutrition to medicine, from global economy to ethics.

To reach Harry J. Studio we first did a lot of research in Italy, during the six months of preparation of the record. We were able to contact him through the French producer of Horace Andy’s record “Livin it up” whose videos we had seen on you tube, taped in Harry J. And we are very happy of this choice.

Clive “Dubking” Jeffrey -  audio engineer

Clive (the one in the right) is the sound engineer who worked with Steve on the technical part, put in many hours in our songs before Steve got a hold of them.

He took care of the recordings taking turns with Steve with whom we worked 12 hours a day, but Clive worked even more when it came to mix the tracks.

He collaborated with the group Inna de Yard with whom he went on tour around the world.

He is very calm, peaceful and smiling, he doesn’t speak much.

Just like everyone else who works in the Studio, he has a great passion for reggae; he works in Inna de Yard studio where he produces music. In the past years he spent a year in Japan where reggae is highly appreciated.

Dalton Brownie – singer, guitarist

He’s a guitarist and singer, Steve’s close friend and collaborator.

He has created the entire backing voice on all the songs, adding new arrangement and a part of the guitar music.

He’s a precious musician and essential promises Steve, who assigns every task with the certainty of getting a perfect execution in the parts as well as in the arrangements.

He’s calm and peaceful like Clive and a great professional. As a guitarist he works on tour with many Jamaican artists.

Sticky Thompson – Percussions

What a thrill to work with an over- seventy percussion player, a legend in reggae music, who has appeared in hundreds of records and historical bands of Jamaican music.

He’s a very nice, peaceful person always working around the world, never tired of travelling or playing.

We were able to talk during breaks a bit, and he complemented us for the music and said he would be available for a possible tour, just like with other musicians.

His rhythmic perfection really impressed us, the ease of his every intervention, the mastery of the sound and rhythm even in complicated situations.

With him it always seemed that anyone could play two pieces of wood and create a groove, because he made it look so easy and played so good.

Noel Simms Scully – Percussions

Scully is a terrible old man. When he has fun he is cheerful and carefree, but when he had to wait in the Studio he became restless and always wanted to go home, always complained.

We must not forget that he is blind; able to see only a light from a camera flash, therefore he can’t be left alone.

It’s necessary to help him walk, reach places, move for whatever reason. He is one of the musicians who have participated in the mythical Jamaican film “Rocker”.

He is always full of enthusiasm for music, and he really enjoyed playing a lot for us.

He likes friendship and human warmth.

Denver Smith – Percussions

He’s a young percussionist who played in “C’est la vie”. The new generation moving forward.

Everald Gayle – trombone, Everton Gayle – sax, Everol Ray – trumpet

Here is the winds instrument section that played in the record.

The arrangements have been created and directed by Steve, in recording. Everald and Everton are two brothers and they have played with all the well-known Jamaican groups and even Everol.

They look like three comedians, always laughing and kidding around, always in a good mood.

To create their parts, it was not always easy and quick, sometimes it took many hours, but their complete availability and effort were never missing.

As we understood from our conversations outside of the studio, they are always looking for new opportunities for work mainly in Europe which has the largest market in reggae.

Alphonso Craig – base drum, Repeater Nivaldo – brown,

Noel Gayle – funde, Brother Joe – funde

These four percussion players are part of a nyabinghi quartet we called, thanks to Clive, to play in the song “Libertà”.

The experience with them was rather incredible: not knowing where the Studio was, they showed up two hours late, to Steve’s great disappointment.

For the arrangement we took time and discussed a bit, but at the end we found a solution that would please everyone.

The result made a great impression and gave the song a higher spirituality.


Anthony Caligagan – singer

We called Anthony who lives and works mainly in Nice but travels all over the world to join us.

He’s an exceptional singer and musician, with multi-ethnic origins and culture: his mother is Swedish and his father is from the Philippines; he moved to Italy for several years and then to France.

His last album “Naked garden” is one of our favourites. We have in common the wish to communicate a message of peace and non-violence; to live peacefully in harmony with the world.

Together with Juan Les Pins we created a concert where it was possible to share his experience and enthusiasm that only a tireless musician can convey.

Franklyn Montague – singer

We couldn’t do without Frank who was already present among the guests in the album “Libertà”.

He is a singer who doesn’t spare himself, always working with new projects and an infinite number of concerts.

He has achieved great professional experience with years of hard work around the world: Canada, England, Italy, Germany, etc.

His voice is typically Jamaican, warm and rhythmic tones; he catapults us beyond the Ocean, there, where reggae was born.

Valbilene Coutinho – singer

Vao moved to Italy from Brazil. She started working successfully first in clubs, then in different groups, bands, orchestras.

She works non-stop, between one concert and another. She will record a new album with original songs soon in Rio Janeiro.

She joined the band as a singer and backing vocalist.

Her enthusiasm, her expertise and her Brazilian charm have involved everyone.

Alberto Miccichè – bass guitar

In a reggae band the bass guitarist is a very important element. The bass lines have to have groove and the right sound.

It is not easy to find a musician with these requirements, so Alberto helped us, professor Miccichè, with whom we had worked in the 2004 tour and in our album “Taca ataca” in 2005.

He’s always busy between jazz music concerts, training sessions and private lessons. His passion for music makes him to reach great results in whatever project he starts.

“This is the man!”