Buddhism, vegetarianism, Rasta culture.

Our philosophy is Tibetan Buddhism: The source of inspiration for our work is XIV Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso.


Respect for life, compassion for others’ suffering, the law of cause-effect, interdependence among phenomenon and meditation are fundamental. Various forms of meditation are present in the Buddhist culture. Meditation means familiarizing our own mind with practices that tend to pacify, lead the mind and thoughts that we habitually let wander. With a variety of techniques, to practice day by day, we are able to take control of our moods, pay attention to the thoughts we produce, setting the basis for a more conscious future.

The importance of awareness

A fundamental aspect of Buddhism is the commitment to become aware of life. We tend more and more toward ecology that brings us closer to the Earth and the environment in which we life, the compassion toward all forms of life, sharing with people less fortunate than us, are ideals to make real.

Being Vegetarian

Being vegetarian is a path to take day by day, researching new recipes, getting information on healthy or harmful food, great ecological damages caused by intensive farms. Suffering that animals have, in turn have repercussions on man and on the environment.   The damage of high-meat nutrition is reported by many books, which we suggest The China Study by  T. Colin Campbell, Thomas M. Campbell.

Awareness also means…

Nutrition is only one of the aspects of awareness. Every man’s activity is to be considered in the light of the causes that produce it and the effects it has on the environment, starting from what we buy, from the raw materials we use, the polluting substances, the waste of water etc. Among many books we would like to suggest La Voie. Pour l’avenir de l’humanité by Edgar Morin.
We would also like to put into practice Ivan Illich’s Tools for conviviality.

Self-production is another important aspect of our life, working in the vegetable garden, planting trees and plants and thinking about the biodiversity, baking homemade bread in a wooden stove with organic flour and reducing consumptions as much as possible looking for alternative solutions, saving on Energy. This path you learn day by day finding new solutions.

Rasta culture, multi-ethnic culture

Barma Grande was founded in a multi-ethnic society, with artists from every country, with religions and ideals of every type. We like to live together respecting cultures, traditions and religious beliefs. That is why it is important to meet people directly and their life habits and customs. It is surprising to see how easy it is to get along with people from every part of the world if you approach them with an open and friendly spirit.
That’s what our experience in Jamaica  in Nyabinghi Centre at Ocho Rios was like. We met some rastaman, very cordial and straightforward people.
In this occasion we were able to notice that we have a lot in common. Many of them are vegan, with the only exception for honey, others are raw foodist, they are in contact with nature and know the consumer system really well, trying to stay far from it as much as possible.

They use music as an instrument of meditation because they know the connection between body and mind.