Recorded at “Harry J. Studio” of Kingston, where reggae was born and where Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and hundreds and hundreds of historical artists recorded.

30 days of recordings in Jamaica

We went there with the intention of self-producing it, but during the recording Stephen Stewart (winner of 2 Grammy Awards with Burning Spear and with Toots and the Maytals) asked to become co-producer.

The recording took 30 days of Studio with 6 previous months of collecting sound material in Italy.

Chris Daley created the mastering and he too won a Grammy.

Artists of world fame have recorded with us:

Big Youth, Cedric Myton The Congos, Bernard Satta Collins Abyssinians, Luciano, Queen Ifrica, Freddie McGregor, Franklyn Montague, Tony Rebel, Max Romeo, Bob Andy.

Musicians, engineers and guest

From Italia:

Sandro Donda: lead vocal – bass – guitars – recording

Emma Lercari: lead vocal – organ hammond – rodhes -keyboards

Marco Donda: drums

Massimo Dionisi: guitar nelle tracce n. 5 – 6 – 7 – 9 – 11

From Ecuador:

Luis Tituana: flute n.6

From Tibet:

Geshe Sonam: vox n.11

From Marocco:

El Aliani Rachidi: vox n.5

From Jamaica:

Stephen Stewart: keyboards

Dalton Brownie: backing vocals – guitar n. 4

Sticky Thompson: percussions

Noel Simms Scully: percussions

Denver Smith: percussions n. 5

Everald Gayle: trombone

Everton Gayle: sax

Everol Ray: trumpet

Alphonso Craig: base drum n. 11

Repeater Nivaldo: brown n. 11

Noel Gayle: funde: n. 11

Brother Joe: funde: n. 11


Stephen Stewart: recording, editing e mixing

Clive “Dubking” Jeffrey: recording, editing e mixing

assistents: André Buckley, Andraine Wallace, Donna Gregory, Ricardo Bryan,


The texts are inspired by the words of:

H.H. XIV Dalai Lama, 
Tenzin Gyatso

And from the Vietnamese monk Thich Nath Hanh.


“Interconnection”: interconnection between man, environment, Nations;

“Vegetarian man” is the ethical and ecological choice of not eating animals;

“Back from the future”: peace seen as a target to reach for human evolution;

“Waiting for help: the commitment in being the ones to be the masters of our own destiny, without expecting miracles;

“C’est la vie”: the words of a Moroccan guy which has been on the streets for years between Italy and north Africa;

“My meditation”, an invitation to meditative calmness, returning to ourselves;

“Good man”: the commitment to become better;

“Peace in oneself”: the clear consideration that the only possible future is one without wars;

“Inner potential”, from a teaching of the Dalai Lama on the potential of the human mind;

“Libertà” is an ancient Tibetan prayer about 2000 years old, we dedicated it to the liberation of the Tibetan people; it explains what freedom is according to Buddhism .

We would like to thank lama Ghesce Sonam who sang the prayer in Tibetan at the beginning of the song.


The style “Reggae Roots” is characteristic of “good vibrations” as told by Bob Marley, that are good for the spirit and the body.

In effect we all want be well and feel well, for us, music is also and mostly this.

The singers, besides interpreting the parts, they wanted to contribute to the composition in an active way. They have created or varied their parts,

sometimes in the creative flow of improvisation, other times they studied the scores with commitment enriching them to express the message of peace and freedom in depth.

Stephen Stewart has really become particularly fond and appreciated “it’s different”; he not only dedicated himself to the rhythmic keyboard but also to the winds instrument arrangement and to the editing and mixing.

Percussions have been entrusted to two great people:

Sticky Thompson and Noel Simms Scully, two legends that have played with all the great Jamaicans.