Album free download Recorded in “Harry J. Studio” of Kingston, where reggae was born and where Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and hundred of historical artists recorded. Coproduced with con Stephen Stewart (winner of 2 Grammy Awards con Burning Spear e con Toots and the Maytals). Mastered by Chris Daley (winner[...]

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Musica di frontiera – 2009 Recorded in our studio in Latte, mixed and mastering by Roberto “Mac” Maccagno (winner of Grammy Awards) in the studio REM of Bra (CN).
This album is the result of two years of study on different types of sound rock, blues and funk. 1- L’artista 3.45[...]

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Cd “Live in studio” recorded in 2006 1. Assalto frontale 2. La berlecata 3. Scegli un nemico 4. Salta chi sbaglia 5. Sopravviverò

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ALBUM  taca ataca 2005

Taca ataca – 2005 Recorded and mixed in the Latte studio, Mastered at “Nautilus” Studio in Milano. Reggae music with ska e funky influence. “The intelligent song” is a homage to Enzo Jannacci. Some text are taken from poetry in Ligurian dialect, others are written by us in Italian. 1-[...]

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ALBUM troppo facile 2003

Second album recorded and mixed by Thomas Grädler at Torre Paponi with musicians  of the live band 2002-2003. In this album some text are written by us in Italia and English and others are poems in dialect by Renzo Villa e Mario Saredi. “The watch tower” is taken from the poem[...]

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ALBUM cume son 2000

The first album of the group recorded in the Latte studio and mixed by Enzo Federico and Mastered by Riccardo D’Acunto. Local Italian and French musicians have participated. The text of the songs are poetry and nursery rhymes in Ligurian dialect with well known authors from Ventimiglia: Renzo Villa, Isio[...]

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